• Open Yoga Open Yoga Open Yoga Instructor Shell Merrill teaches classes open to all levels; from individuals without prior yoga experience to those who are ready to expand their knowledge to the next level. She tailors her classes so every individual feels comfortable yet challenged. Her goal is to provide a relaxing environment where participants come, enjoy themselves, relax and let go of the busy city around them. Yoga at Shell Shakti is not so much about escape from life as the discovery of how to enjoy life more.
  • Children's Yoga Children's Yoga Children's Yoga Shell Shakti Yoga owner and instructor Shell Merrill is a Registered Children's Yoga teacher; License 19733. With over 15 years' experience teaching children, Shell's fun, 'kid-centric' techniques help prepare children for life's challenges, while enhancing flexibility, strength, coordination and calmness. Shell Shakti specializes in yoga birthday parties! We offer a fun, imaginative way for your little Yogi to celebrate with friends on their special day!
  • Prenatal Yoga Prenatal Yoga Prenatal Yoga As a Certified Prenatal Yoga teacher and mother, Shell Shakti Yoga owner and instructor Shell Merrill brings a sense of fun, joy and compassion to all her Prenatal Yoga classes. Let Shell Shakti Yoga help you discover the physical and mental benefits of safe, gentle yoga during your pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga is an amazing way to prepare your body and mind for labor and motherhood while relieving some of the discomforts of pregnancy.
  • Restorative Yoga Restorative Yoga Restorative Yoga Shell Shakti Yoga makes the therapeutic benefits of yoga accessible to adults with special needs. Restorative Yoga can reduce blood pressure, rebalance the nervous system, reduce fatigue and muscle tension, improve range of motion and minimize pain. Restorative Yoga instructor Shell Merrill understands the importance of creating a caring, inclusive environment where self-esteem is looked after. She shares gentle, relaxing techniques to diminish issues and improve well-being. Yoga with Shell Shakti helps your body rejuvenate and restore itself.
  • Senior Yoga Senior Yoga Senior Yoga Shell Shakti loves sharing the gift of yoga with those who doubt they can do it.  Improved flexibility, reduced aches and pains, and a relaxed feeling of well-being are just a few of the benefits of yoga for 'atypical yogis'. Instructor Shell Merrill gives compassionate, experienced, hands-on training in gentle postures for older adults, with an emphasis on those new to yoga.

specialty training event ~ JULY 28-29-30

20-Hour Kid's Yoga Teacher Training with Shell Merrill and Rebecca Soule


How many times have you heard “Can you imagine if we had started doing yoga and meditation when we were kids?” Join ISHTA Senior Teachers Shell Merril and Rebecca Cheeks Soule in a three-day training workshop that will show you how to give the ancient and contemporary sciences of the ISHTA Yoga system to children and young adults in your life.


ISHTA, the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda, teaches us to live rooted in a feeling of energy and abundance, with our hearts open, and a clear head. The tools we learn from yoga help us to respond, rather than react, to life. Shell and Rebecca strongly believe that learning yoga and meditation early in life gives growing children and young adults a sense of empowerment. These tools allow them to live with greater ease during times of rapid physical and mental development and change. Learning these tools is invaluable, and as a parent, school, or yoga teacher, giving these life skills to the children we are in contact with is a priceless gift. Drawing on 20+ years of experience each as yoga teachers and students, Shell and Rebecca will introduce the ISHTA Yoga system in a way that can successfully be taught to children and adults alike.


In our three-day training sessions you will receive information and gain an understanding of:

  • What developing children and young adults are experiencing on the physical and mental level.
  • The system of Ayurveda (the ancient Indian science of life) and what children and young adults need to bring their doshas, or biological forces of nature, into balance.
  • The chakras and how they relate to the development of children from a physical, mental, and energetic perspective.
  • Age appropriate and fun activities that teach asana in a safe and fun way.
  • Learn how to structure a successful class so that kids have an experience similar to our own- they leave feeling centered, energized and calm.
  • Tools to teach kids how to calm their body, learn breath awareness and find a restorative savasana
  • Fun, playful and safe activities to teach yoga poses that support a successful class.
  • Classroom management tools for teachers.


2017 workshop Schedule

Friday, July 28 from 5-9pm

Saturday, July 29 from 9am-6pm

Sunday, July 30 from 9am-6pm

workshop COST: $500

Registration closes July 15, 2017. Sign up today on the workshop page on YogiTecta.

For more information call 917-686-9759 or email Shell@ShellShakti.com.

Kid's Yoga Training Instructors

Shell Merrill is an E-RYT 500 hour certified teacher and Senior Teacher in the ISHTA Yoga lineage. She is also a RCYT (children’s teacher), a RPYT (prenatal teacher) and teacher of restorative yoga. She brings a sense of fun, joy and compassion to all of her classes for both adults and children. Working with beginner yogis or those with special needs and making them comfortable is Shell's special gift.


Rebecca Cheeks Soule, PhD is a Senior Teacher in the ISHTA Yoga lineage and holds certificates in several specialty areas, including children's yoga, yoga for veterans living with PTSD, restorative & prenatal yoga. Her PhD is in Biology, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.




private & group classes

A teacher for yogis of all levels and ages, Teaching private, semi-private or group classes in the studio or home for children, adults and those with special needs. Beginners welcome! Yoga Instructor Shell Merrill teaches at studios all around New York City, including ISHTA Yoga and all Yoga Works locations. Shell can privately work with you in your home or workplace, and offers Yoga classes for children at several New York City area schools. If you'd like to bring the benefits of Yoga to your home, office, or school, contact Shell Shakti Yoga through our Contact page, call 917.686.9759 or email Shell@ShellShakti.com.



Yoga Parties

As a Yoga instructor certified to work with youngsters, Shell Merrill will organize a unique event and create a customized party coordinated around your own special theme. Perhaps Princesses or Pirates, Fairies or Super Heroes? Teens and Tweens enjoy Yoga parties, too, such as a Spa Party, Yoga Slumber Party or Restorative Yoga. We can develop a fun theme to delight any child! All parties last up to two delightful hours and include everything needed to create a fun experience:

  • A 45-minute yoga class
  • All essential "props"
  • A special birthday gift for the birthday boy or girl


Packages start at just $300 for up to ten children; $15 for each additional child. Party dates book quickly; please plan ahead! Schedule your Shell Shakti Yoga party or class through our Contact page, call 917.686.9759 or email Shell@ShellShakti.com.



weekly class schedule


  • 8:30 am | Level One | Yogaworks ES


Instructor Shell Merrill teaches open classes for all levels and ages.

  • 9:15 am | Level One | Yogaworks ES
  • 11:30 am-12:30 pm | ISHTA Basics | ISHTA Yoga
  • 3:30 am-4:20 pm | City Owlets Kid's Class (ages 3 and up) | City Owlets Indoor Playspace


Classes can be arranged to meet your needs; children through seniors, open classes for any level, gentle prenatal and restorative yoga.

  • Open for private lessons


Contact us to schedule your private or semi-private session. Any ages; beginners always welcome!

  • Open for private lessons


Sessions available for children's classes, private lessons, or corporate classes at your workplace.



Available to teach people of all ages and all levels of yogis, plus gentle prenatal, senior and restorative yoga.

  • 9:15 am | Level One | Yogaworks ES


Come enjoy a relaxing Shell Shakti Yoga class to refresh your body and your mind.

  • 10:00 am | Open Level | Yo Yoga - Outdoors in good weather!


Fun classes, perfect for any level yogi. Yoga instructor for child, family and adult yoga.